Things You Need to Know About the Breast Reduction Procedure Los Angeles

There could be more than one reason why women choose to have cosmetic surgery. Many women are concerned about their self image and self esteem and for other women it’s about their physical health. Breast reduction procedure is ideal for women who are concerned about both self image and physical health. Breast reduction surgery is also known as reduction mammaplasty and the procedure removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin. After the successful breast reduction surgery, patient gets the perfect breast size that is in closer proportionate to their own body size.

Breast Reduction Procedure Los Angeles:

If you are planning on undergoing breast reduction procedure Los Angeles, you need to make sure to be completely honest with your doctor. Luckily, you can find a number of good breast reduction surgeons in Los Angeles, but the best thing is to conduct a thorough research before you choose a particular surgeon. It is recommended that you discuss with the doctor about the problems you face due to your oversize breasts. You should not hide even a simple detail because that could affect the outcome of your surgery. A good breast reduction surgeon will surely ask you about your overall health condition during the first appointment. The breast reduction surgeon may also want to ask you about the medications you are taking, health supplements, and vitamins. It is also important to let the doctor know if you are addicted to any tobacco products, alcohol, or drugs.

Is Breast Reduction Procedure Right for You?

Before you consider undergoing a breast reduction surgery, there are many questions that you should consider before making an appointment with the breast reduction surgeon. The first thing that you need to consider is whether you are limited to your physical activity because of the size of your breasts. If the answer is yes, then breast reduction surgery is ideal for you. Also, you are a perfect candidate for breast reduction surgery, if your breasts hang low or you feel pain in your neck, back, and shoulders because of the excess weight of your breasts. In both cases, breast reduction surgery is the right decision for you.

Importance of the Initial Consultation:

Before you visit the clinic of the breast reduction surgeon in Los Angeles, you should be prepared to discuss your complete medical history and do not forget to share information about your previous surgeries (if any). Based on the examinations, your medical conditions, drug allergies, family history of breast cancer, the breast reduction surgeon will take measurements and decide what type of breast reduction procedure will be right for you. The doctor will also keep a note of the overall health conditions, nipple position, skin quality, and may also take pictures to prepare your medical file.

After the Breast Reduction Surgery:

Just like the breast implant surgery, once the breast reduction procedure is done, the breasts of the patient will be sore, swollen, and bruised. Depending on the breast conditions, you may require having bandages on the breasts for the first few days and will have stitches in for about a couple of weeks.