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New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy is one such place where, we provide treatment for all types of injuries. Injuries such as back and neck pain, sports injuries, hip and groin pain, etc. are treated here. You can consult us for any type of injury and, it doesn’t matter whether it’s minor or major one. We assure you that your injury will be cured as quickly as possible.

When you suffer from an injury then, the doctor suggests you to have a bed rest for maximum period of time and, that particular part of the body goes to rest for that period. On the other hand, we believe in movement of the injured part for the circulation of the blood. When you stop moving a particular body part for a long time then, the blood circulation to that part of the body stops and, it takes more time for healing the injury. We must keep our body fit and must indulge ourselves in different exercises. Running is very good for health. It keeps you fit. The professional runners undergo training in order to win the races. Sometimes, the muscles get stretched while running and lead to injury. If the injury is severe then, the doctor suggests you to take bed rest for a period of time. But, in those days, you won’t be able to run. This is not a good idea every time, as if you will running for a time then, you will have to face many difficulties in getting back the momentum. Therefore, you must heal while continuing the exercise.

The technology that we use for treatment sets us apart from other rehab centers. The reasons why people trust us are as follows –

  • We have an experience of almost 18 years.
  • Our rehabilitation approach is multidisciplinary non-invasive.
  • We provide the most advanced therapy in the New York City.
  • We have a variety of therapy options for all the patients.

Generally, people who play golf suffer from golf injury. Body parts such as shoulder, knee, elbow, hip, wrist/hand, and ankle are more prone to injuries. And among all, the back and lower back of the body got injured quickly when you play golf. The lower back injury happens as the player needs to bend in order to take a shot and, the continuous bending cause’s cramps and pain in the back. The elbow injury occurs due to the extra strain that applies on the elbows when the player takes a shot. Same goes with the ankle and knee injuries. Therefore, in any of the mentioned cases, the first thing that you should do is consult an expert.

You can visit our website for consulting us for the treatment. You can also visit our website to know what precautions you take in order to minimize the effect of an injury. Therefore, don’t wait for too long as a minor injury may turn into a major problem due to a little ignorance.