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Burning The Bra Bulge

The back fat a.k.a the bra bulge a.k.a the love handle, anything you want to call it. It is those annoying lumps of mass that hang from your sides and back giving your whole body a shapeless form. It has been terrorizing men but mostly women since forever. The women in the 17th century might have found a solution in the form of corsets but the females in the 21st century are having none of that constricting article of clothing. Instead of hiding this flaw, we are going to tackle it with all our might. This article focuses on some exercises that will certainly burn that excess fat and restore your body to its original shape because we believe that you are beautiful, underneath all that fat.

It is of course, impossible to lose fats in a specific part of the body. You will have to work on your body all over in order to reduce your back fats. People start to lose fat from their faces downward. If you regularly do these exercises, you will lose the back fat in no time at all.


Push-ups are great for exercising chest but they are also excellent for your back. When you lower in the downward position your back muscles get contracted. This engages your back muscles in a vigorous work-out and burns fat rapidly. You should start with 10 reps in each set.


These might seem a little difficult to people who have never exercised but pulls up involve all the muscles in your back and arms. That’s why it’s a good option for people who are plagued with the flabby back. You can do 5 reps initially and increase the number of reps when you get used to it.

Rope Skipping

We all used to skip rope during our childhood. This is indeed a great exercise for the upper body. Your shoulders and shoulder blades get the most work-out that is helpful in burning upper back fats plus your chest will also shape-up. Do as much as 50-100 reps since it’s such an easy exercise.

Dumbbell Row

This exercise involves the use of dumbbells. Position yourself on all fours and take a light dumbbell of about 2 kg weight in one hand. Support yourself on the other hand and move the dumbbell in a row motion. Do about 12 reps in a set of both hands.

Renegade Row

It’s a variation of dumbbell row in which you support yourself on your toes. Otherwise, the position is the same. This is harder than the previous exercise but also more effective as you engage your lower back as well as upper back. You can do 12 reps in a set at a time.

These exercises will help you immensely in burning the back fats but it is only effective if you make them part of your exercise regimen. It is advisable to start with aerobic exercises if you’re a beginner. Make sure to eat plenty of nutrients that will aid your body by replenishing the salts and water lost during the exercise.