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Cabbage Soup Diet Review

People decide to follow certain diet program because they want to lose some weight. There is no problem at all for following the diet program for weight loss but it will be troublesome if people take the extreme one which can make them starve. Starving is not the best way for losing weight actually. It can torture the body and more importantly, it just makes people want to eat much more as revenge. It will not lead them to weight loss success at all. That is why people need to choose the right diet program which can help them lose weight without making them too starving. The challenge for choosing the diet program with quick result can be found often. Many people need to lose weight quickly because they do not want to wait for too long to get better look and confidence. They also do not want to suffer for too long for following certain diet program. Once again, people just need to make sure that they must consider about their health first when they are looking for fast diet program. Cabbage Soup Diet can be a great choice for losing weight but still, it can be a bad choice if people do not do it properly.


What is cabbage soup diet? It is really mean that people only can eat cabbage soup during the diet period. People maybe will not be that attracted to the fact that this diet comes with cabbage soup as its name. They will be more attracted to the claim of the diet which can help them losing 10 pounds of weight within a week only. It must be great to lose that much weight quickly but there is one thing which people must remind from this diet program. It is only kind of short term solution for losing weight. People cannot use it for longer term diet for sure. The main point of this diet is that people can eat the cabbage soup without any amount limit when following the diet program. The cabbage soup can be varied after all. People can add specific vegetables and fruits depending on their diet day. People do not have any idea about the person who creates this diet plan but it is said that this plan has already started in the 80s. It is type of crash diet which is recommended for a few days only. There is no warranty that this plan can be used as long term weight loss solution.


When people are considering about fast weight loss, they might think about the diet pills. Many people choose diet pills for helping them lose weight quickly but of course many of them do not get the expected result and they still have to deal with the side effects of the diet pills which can be dangerous. That is why people can find a great enlightening with the cabbage soup diet since there is no diet pill involved in the plan at all. There is no package food as well so people can really know about the ingredients they take for this diet plan. When they follow this diet plan, it means that they have to eat the foods which must be prepared. When following the plan, people need to pay attention to the rules. It is advised for people to drink at least four glasses of water a day. Multivitamin should also be taken when following this plan. It is necessary not starving their selves when taking this diet. Instead, they need to eat as much soup as possible. Boredom can be a big problem when following this diet program so it is necessary to introduce different recipes for this diet plan. If people want to restart the diet, it is recommended to take two weeks break. Because it is cabbage soup diet, people might think that they can only eat cabbage as the main ingredients. However, there are some other produces allowed. They can add seasonings, barley, squash, asparagus, zucchini, celery, onions, and some meats into their cabbage soup.

Side Effects

Many people maybe think that because the cabbage soup is made from the natural ingredients which must be prepared in their own kitchen, the diet plan must be free from side effects. It sounds healthy as well because of the ingredients used. However, it can lead nutritional deficiencies especially since they can only eat cabbage soup during the diet period. This is type of crash diet which will not work for long run. The body will not get enough nutrients to stay healthy after all. It is better not to follow this kind of very low calorie diet if they are not under the doctor’s care. It also seems like the weight they lose will be regained once they stop the diet program. That is why it can only be perfect choice as diet for certain occasion only. People also have to be ready to feel weak, hungry, and bored when following this diet plan because the food options are very limited. The bland taste can cause people tire of eating the cabbage soup in daily basis.


Variations of the cabbage soup diet can be so many but people can try the popular one. For day one, people can eat fruits as much as possible but they must not include bananas in the menu. Besides the fruits, people can also drink water, coffee, and tea. There is no fruit allowed to be eaten at the say two, they should only take one baked potato and raw vegetables. Day three will be filled with unlimited vegetables and fruits but they must not take banana and potato. Eight bananas and skimmed milk in unlimited amount becomes the menu for day four. For day five, people can only eat six tomatoes as well as 565 grams of beef. During day six, they can eat beef and vegetables with no limit but no potato can be included in the diet. Day seven menu will be some brown sugar along with fruit juice which is free from sugar.