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The Power of Imagination in Fitness

Imagination doesn’t seem like it ought to have a huge role in fitness. After all, research is pretty clear on what does and doesn’t work: fewer calories in than calories out; gradually intensifying workouts to prevent plateaus; a range of activities to work different muscle groups; a balance of strength and cardio.

But in all this prescribed fitness, too little room has been made for the power of the mind, as science is now beginning to show. We’re not just talking a can-do attitude or lengthy accountability measures, either – although surely those help with the pursuit of health and fitness. No, we’re talking about imagination. The power to actually think your way to greater fitness.

Yes, it exists. Yes, it works. And yes, if you can harness this power in your own content, your business will become more successful than you can possibly imagine.

Imagination: Not Just for Children

Strength training has been a popular way to build muscle mass and increase fitness since the dawn of humanity. The current generation is no different, even if their tools are a bit better. Today, people learn to lift weights in fancy gyms, with the help of speedy apps or with personal trainers at their side. No matter what the approach, though, there’s one thing they all have in common: They’re purely physical.

Science, however, is increasingly clear that the mental aspect of fitness is very effective as well, even on its own. A study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology demonstrates this handily: “Mental imagery training, however, attenuated the loss of strength and VA by ∼50% … and eliminated prolongation of the SP.” In other words, when subjects were coached on how to visualize their strength training workout after actually performing the workout, they preserved muscle mass and responsiveness significantly better than those who just performed the workout.

In other words, they gained benefits from “working out” in their minds that were significantly greater than had they just gone about their day and waited for the next workout. Whoa.

What does this mean? Simple: If you can teach students to imagine performing their workouts in addition to actually working out, they’ll see greater success. However, it’s not enough for students to simply think about how nice it would be to get more ripped. They need to actually be able to envision the exercise. That means you need to offer content on how to perform these mental exercises.

Putting the Mind to Work for Your Students

One of the most compelling reasons to employ imagination in your fitness content now is the fact that no one else is doing it. Well, almost no one. If you do a brief search online, you won’t find much. Sure, there are a few explanatory videos delving into the research detailed above, but nothing that actually guides students through the actual thinking process.

Think how useful it would be to give students access to guided videos that help them visualize working out, meaning they retain muscle mass and responsiveness, even on rest days when they can’t work out. Not only are you giving your viewers access to an untapped part of their potential, you’re getting access to an untapped market.

Plus, you can effectively double your content without much extra effort when you put this research to work for you. For instance, you might consider posting a video about how to use barbells more effectively, demonstrating the physical moves to guide your student through their workout. But then you can also put up a companion that offers a guided meditation to thinking about the workout. Relaxation and better results, all in one short video.

Both videos will cross-promote, making each one more effective. Students who finish the actual workout can turn to the guided meditation the following day, while those who leverage the meditation will soon want to try the real thing. And during both, they’re building muscle, gaining confidence and getting closer to whom they want to be. Not to mention … they’re loving you for it.

Grow Your Audience and See Student Success Like Never Before

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