Aromatherapy as an Effective Alternative Cancer Treatment

Aromatherapy as an Effective Alternative Cancer Treatment
10 May


During the early times is using essential oils and aromatherapy to cure illness, improve health condition and relieve symptoms.  They are natural compounds that are extracted from flowers, roots, stems, barks, seeds and different components of plant.  Due to the extreme focus on prescription drugs, there has been a decline in the popularity of aromatherapy. But with the latest cancer-related study, aromatherapy is now considered as an effective alternative cancer treatment. Patients suffering from cancer are using this as a form of relief from the adverse effect of traditional treatment.

How Aromatherapy Can Be Used as an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients can self-administer aromatherapy, but it is recommended to seek the help of the professional.  Most of the professional aromatherapists are social workers, chiropractors, psychologists, massage therapists and health experts.  In order to improve the quality of your life and relive the pain caused by the cancer and the treatment, your doctor may recommend this complementary cancer treatment. Shops and boutiques are selling home diffuser and essential oils which will allow you to do it at the comfort of your home.  You may use a particular essential oil or combine it with others in order to reap its full benefits.


This ingredient is commonly used for cooking.  During the early times, it is being used by the Egyptians for embalming; the Greeks, on the other hand, are using them for incense and baths.  In the Medieval period, the Europeans are keeping them under their pillow in order to ward nightmares.  Last 2010, the experts in Switzerland have analyzed a number of plant extract against (PC3) prostate cancer, (A-549) lung cancer and (MCF-7) breast cancer.  They realized that it has the most powerful cytotoxicity compared to other cancer treatment.  Experts from reputable treatment centers, such as, believe that this is due to the thymol that can activate our body’s healing capacity.


Rosemary is traditionally used as a fragrance, pest control, and cooking.  It is a good source of phytochemicals and antioxidants that protect your cells from the damage caused by free radicals.  Recent reports showed that this extract contains anti-cancer ingredients that can target the cancer cells in our blood, skin, stomach, liver and colon which makes them an effective alternative cancer treatment.  Experts claimed that a small concentration of rosemary has the possibility to deactivate the cancer cell.



Oregano is a common ingredient on the Mediterranean cuisine.  It contains powerful chemical compounds that provide its amazing medical benefits.  According to Dr. Bavadekar, the compounds found inside the oregano can utilize ‘signaling pathways’ that can result to the death of the cancer cells which makes it the best alternative cancer treatment. Professionals also stated that it contains carnosol which can trigger the apoptotic effect.  Though it still requires additional study, it has already showed amazing result in treating skin, breast and prostate cancer.

Some of the evidence regarding essential oils and aromatherapy provide a new hope in the treatment of cancer cells.  Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that we will see them immediately use this alternative cancer treatment.  Experts believe that you can also use aromatherapy as a way to prevent cancer.