Be careful about Heart Attacks

Cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death and the first for women. This is what counts to recall the new campaign to fight against one of these pathologies, the myocardial infarction, launched this Wednesday by various associations of cardiologists and emergency physicians. After reminding you of the warning signs and the good reflexes to have in case of heart attack, we take stock of the preventive measures to limit the risks as much as possible.

Know your background …
The risk of death from an infraction is higher for a person whose parents have died prematurely of a heart attack, say health professionals. It is therefore important to report any family history to your attending physician in order to be eventually referred to a Best Cardiologist in Lahore to ensure proper follow-up.

… And its pathologies
it is important to know if one suffers from a risk factor in order to take good care of it. One of every two people suffering from excess cholesterol is unaware of it and four out of ten people suffering from hypertension. Do not declare it and are therefore not controlled. Hypertension increases the risk of having an heart attack. To find out if you are in the population at risk, you can check the age of your arteries for No saturated fats or salt.

Not surprisingly, it is one of the essential means to prevent cardiovascular disease. The rules are simple: reduce the consumption of so-called saturated fats (butter, cream, sausage, pork and sheep meat, eggs) and favor mono or polyunsaturated fats. The five fruits and vegetables per day are strongly recommended and the abuse of salt advised against. According to the High Council for Public Health, reducing salt consumption to less than 8g per day would considerably reduce the annual number of deaths and myocardial infarctions. The best way is still to avoid cooked dishes.

30 minutes of physical activity per day
This is also one of the flagship recommendations. Thirty minutes of physical activity per day is enough to protect its heart and its vessels. Walking included. “If you do not walk like a senator,” said Claude Le Feuvre, a cardiologist. He also advises to climb the stairs rather than to take the elevator, to do gardening or do-it-yourself wherever possible. So there are many ways to fight sedentary lifestyle.

Quitting smoking
The finding is clear: smoking multiplies the risk of having an heart attack by about three (more than diabetes or hypertension). Stopping the tobacco is therefore strongly advised. The absence of cigarettes for three years saves seven to ten years of vascular age.

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