Hamstring exercises

The hamstrings are muscles placed at the back of the thighs. The particularity hamstrings are muscles that are little worked by the practitioners of bodybuilding. It’s a shame because the training of the hamstrings is very important. But as we do not see them, as they are behind the thigh, many people simply “forget” them.

But unless you want to have knee injuries, it’s a big mistake not to give these muscles time by doing some well-chosen and well-organized movements. Indeed, the hamstrings are the antagonists of the quadriceps, so they are in “competition” with them to stabilize the knee, via a subtle game of muscle balance. It is this balance which makes it possible to have a strong and stable knee able to support all the constraints of sport and everyday life.

But if the hamstrings are too weak, and you work a lot of quadriceps, this balance cannot be maintained, which can lead to injury fairly quickly, starting with knee tendinitis.

To help you develop these muscles, here you will find bodybuilding hamstring exercises at home, with lots of details for each exercise:

– Information for the prevention of injuries: many exercises for the hamstrings also involve the gluts and lumbar. They must be handled with care so as not to hurt the back;

Anatomy of the muscles worked: except for the machine, it is difficult to isolate the hamstrings completely. Getting to know the muscles you’re working on will help you feel better and better structure your workout program

– Execution of the exercise: as always, not to hurt yourself and to work the muscle better , the execution must be neat and controlled.

In terms of your hamstring training, think of one thing: it must be comparable to your quadriceps training. Of course, the hamstrings are weaker muscles and smaller, but try to have the same training structure: it will not be possible to compensate 10 heavy series of basic exercises for quadriceps by some series light insulating exercises for the hamstrings. So balance your quadriceps and hamstrings workout program well.

The best is even to do your hamstring exercises on a different session of your quadriceps exercises. This will allow you to do them at a time when you have more energy, more strength and more focus not to rush!