Having a sound sleep can rejuvenate you

14 Apr

Meeting deadlines, targets, competing with peers, and in an effort to stay on the top eventually takes a toll on your health. Initially, it might just start as a bad day but over a period of time, you start losing your sleep. And the effects show up not just physically but in your behavior too. Having a good night’s sleep is a blessing. Just as exercise is a great way to stay on the top both mentally and physically, sleep is also a part of your fitness regime. You can check out extensive information on sleep at www.fitnessgoals.com.

In this write up, the benefits of good sleep has been highlighted. So, read on for better insight.

Benefits of good sleep

Find out how you will feel rejuvenated both physically and mentally after a good sleep-

  1. Improves immunity

If you don’t sleep for a night or may be two nights at the most, you can go around throwing tantrums as it adversely affects your behavior. But if you lack sleep for several nights at a stretch, you could find yourself suffering from frequent cold and cough. You have to blame this on lack of sleep and your immune system is badly affected.

  1. Sleep helps in weight loss

Studies have proved that less sleep will make you put on weight. Lack of sleep is directly proportional to obesity. The less you sleep, the more you are prone to becoming obese. There is striking increase in abdominal fat and this has been registered in individuals that sleep for less than 7 hours. Reduced levels of leptin caused due to lack of sleep are responsible for increasing your food cravings, which in turn compels you to eat more and gain weight.

  1. Mentally at peace

Sleep can give you a lot of mental peace. Chronic sleep disturbances lead to depression, anxiety, and stress. This causes you to have mood swings, which again leads to weight gain as mentioned above. But having a sound sleep has several benefits. It helps you to think positively and gives you the power of reasoning.

  1. Sleep and healthy heart

If you have been sleeping less lately, be ready to experience elevated heart rate. Not only this, you will also develop high blood pressure aside from release of certain substances that increase the risk of inflammation in the body. And if it is left unchecked, you develop cardiac ailments in due course.

  1. Fertility and sleep

Sleep deprivation as per studies can lead to infertility. The secretion of reproductive hormones is adversely affected when lack of sleep becomes a chronic condition. This is also one of the reasons why women fail to conceive. As such, it is important to sleep well if you want to receive your bundle of joy sooner.

  1. Lack of sleep can cause Type II diabetes

If you are one that sleeps for less than 5 hours at night, you are susceptible to diabetes or the chances of developing this deadly disease are higher. The rate of metabolism is adversely affected.

As such, think positive, balance your professional and personal life so that the much needed equilibrium is needed to maintain a happy and healthy life.