How to become a personal trainer

The gym is your second home and your dream is to become a personal trainer? These few steps will get you right to the point and guide to lucrative fitness career.

Before taking action…

It is not enough to have the body of a Greek god, and even that is not necessary to become a personal trainer. Yes, you must still be a model for your clients by having a healthy lifestyle, but you also need to have many skills.

  • Be able to listen and analyze:you will have to demonstrate to your future clients that you care about their well-being and that they can trust you; that you are able to determine their fitness needs and respond to them.
  • Be patient:you will need to know how to take people to the point where they are in their training.
  • Be motivated and be persistent:this is what will make a difference in the success of your clients’ training plan.
  • Loving to work with people:you will need to be able to adapt to different personalities.

Training and Certification

The profession being recent and constantly changing, the training centers to become coach grow like mushrooms. But beware! Not all certifications have the same recognition on the market. Ask yourself these questions: do you want a basic course to become a personal trainer and practice as soon as possible? Are you ready to invest in a university education with which you will open your horizons more? You can then choose one of the following options.

  • The university:the bachelor’s degree in kinesiology constitutes a complete training which will enable you to work with a varied clientele (cardiac, obese, people with back problems and various health problems).
  • Private schools:you will receive a certification that varies from one school to another with which you can work mainly with asymptomatic clientele.
  • Training centers:The most popular gyms on the market offer their own training allowing you to become coach in their establishments. If you want to work in a particular location, it is best to check with the center what certification is required.

At work!

Once your diploma is in hand, the job options are not limited to the local training room. In addition to preparing physical activity programs indoors, you could:

  • Provide your services on a private basis (to individuals, companies, spas or resorts);
  • Open your own gym;
  • Become an instructor during the group and develop other specialties.

There are only a few steps to take to become a coach and thus transform your passion into a livelihood … Go ahead, go for it!