A plastic surgery center in Las Vegas has defined marks are apparent changes in skin color. Most times marks on the face are the only aesthetic problem; there can also be marks related to diseases, these can reveal the presence of a disease.


It is small, flat, brown spots that are hereditary, this mark manifest in people with light skin and hair. Blemish has no disease-related significance.


Best defined as the presence of white, flat patches, with irregular borders this is due to lack of skins natural pigment known as melanin.

Fungal infection, nutritional deficiency, anxiety can also cause vitiligo.

Vitiligo can also be idiopathic. That’s unknown cause.

Sunspots, Age spots and solar lentigo

Sunspots, Age spots are seen with an increase in age mainly in people who have been exposed to the sun throughout their life without an adequate care. A facelift surgeon advised this should be monitored appropriately as sunspots can turn to melanoma; melanoma is a type of skin cancer. Malignant degeneration of a solar Lentigo should be suspected when there is a change in size, shape, and color of the sunspot.

  Disease-related Face marks

Some diseases can cause marks on the face. “A forehead lift specialist” Leprosy, hemochromatosis, Addison’s disease, lead poisoning can leave marks on the facial skin.

Reddish blotches can often be due to dermatitis, angiomas, purpura or erythematosus lupus.

   Nevi or moles

This tends to be present from birth although this can appear with age. Dark brown isolated spots which are usually raised is a typical mole or nevi. If you notice any changes in a nevus, it will be wise to report this to a dermatologist as this may be cancerous. Mainly change in the border (irregular), its surface becomes rugged, its coloring becomes uneven or bleeds. Nevi can also be seen in other parts of the body thus always monitor signs of change.


Melasma is the appearance of flat, light brown blotches, generally located on the forehead, chin, and cheeks.

Women tend to be more prone; they tend to appear in women beginning at age 20.  This is due localized increase in melanin. Best plastic surgeon in Las Vegas affirmed that chloasma rarely has disease related-related significance.

The best ways to protect facial skin is with factor 15 or higher sunscreen.

Facelift specialist” Do not expose the face to sunbathing during pregnancy and wear cap or hat as regular as needed mainly during the middle of the day.

Avoid anxiety medics, antidepressants, and other psychoactive drugs as this could have side effects that are unfavorable to the facial skin.

 Some antibiotic drugs like tetracycline and their derivatives stimulate melanin production.

Above all skin care specialists are there to take care of your problems, you are not left alone as the best plastic surgeon in Las Vegas will give you the best to provide you with that fantastic and glowing face.