Who Should Get Lungs Cancer Screening Done? 

As per a study, it has been revealed that lung cancer’s symptoms are only visible if it has reached an advanced level and is incurable. Due to this reason, it is advised by the physicians to get it tested beforehand so that it can be cured before that it reaches to an advanced level. Lung screening is highly advisable to people who have high chances of suffering from lung cancer such as people having history of smoking. Following section will brief you some reasons to get lung screening.

How Does Lung Screening Work?

A CT scan i.e. computed tomography scanning uses x-rays for producing detailed images of the patient’s lungs. It’s important to note that this screening is better than regular x-ray in detecting lung tumors. However, a disadvantage of CT scanning is that it detects lots of abnormalities which are usually not cancer, but still should be checked once for surety.

This can further cause more invasive tests like needle biopsies and surgeries for removing a lung portion in the patients. These tests can be quite dangerous and can at times cause death of people who aren’t cancerous or are in cancer’s early stage. In case you want to get a safe CT scan done for you lungs, you can visit Intermountain Medical Imaging.

Who Should Get Lungs Cancer Screening Done?

In case you’re wondering whether you should get lungs cancer screening done or not, it’s important to note that it depends upon the odds that you have for suffering from lungs cancer. For instance, smokers have higher chances of suffering from lungs cancer than non-smokers. It is important to note that it’s not always the case that non-smokers won’t suffer from lungs cancer, and it actually varies from case to case. It is therefore important that before getting yourself screened for lungs cancer, you discuss the case with a physician and go ahead only if he/she recommends you to do so.

As per a study, it has been found that people in age group of 55-74 years having 30 years of smoking history have highest chances of suffering from lungs cancer. For screening, it’s important that the patients have good health condition. This means that they should be able to undertake treatment and surgery in case lung cancer is detected.

Why Should You Go for Lungs Screening?

Time is Vital

As cancer becomes incurable after an advanced stage, it’s important that you get yourself scanned at an early stage if your physician advises you to do so. If the disease can be detected at an early stage, there are possibilities of curing it.

Life Savior

Lung cancer screening can save your life. In case you’re an active smoker or have been in past, it’s advised to go and discuss the details with a physician. As per a study, it has been found that an early detection of lungs cancer can increase the survival chances by up to 92%.

To conclude, lungs cancer screening can save your life. If there’s even 10% possibility of suffering from lungs cancer, get yourself screened today.