Skin Care

How to get clear healthy skin

We all want supermodel quality clear skin, but for most of us, it is a struggle. Despite this, there are ways to improve our appearance considerably – adopt the practices outlined below, and you’ll be on the road to clearing up your face, back, arms, and so forth.

1) Wash your face regularly

The sweat, food particles, dust, and other debris which ends up on your face would shock you if you took a second to think about it. Now that you have, you can see how it is imperative to wash your face at least twice per day, and preferably, after every meal or instance of significant physical exertion.

Doing so prevents excess grease, sweat, and other foreign substances from blocking your pores, which can lead to the formation of acne, pimples, and other blemishes.

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2) Exfoliate on a regular basis

Exfoliating is another cornerstone habit of those who have fantastic skin. Done about three times per week, this practise sloughs off dead skin cells which build up on the surface of your skin.

This speeds the process of revealing new skin, and it also prevents dead skin cells from aggravating conditions like keratosis pilaris (an acne-like rash which forms hard bumps filled with dead skin cells and excess keratin). Avoid exfoliating active acne breakouts, as this will only make it worse.

3) Refrain from touching your face

Our hands touch all manner of surfaces through the course of the day. Accordingly, it is the number one vector for bacteria build up on your face, which is a leading cause of acne breakouts. If you slouch at your desk, resting your face in your hands – STOP.

Often, you’ll find the appearance of a group of pimples only a few days after doing this; in short, if you want to cut back on these unsightly outbreaks, sit up straight and find something else to do with your hands.

4) Protect your skin through creams, diet, etc

Every day, a variety of factors conspire to damage our skin. Ultraviolet rays, dry air, poor dietary practices and other irritants all play their role in degrading it over time. This can be combated by moisturizing regularly, applying sunscreen, avoiding gluten if you are allergic to it, and more.