08 Aug

Do you go to gyms regularly in order to lose fat/weight or follow the diet regularly?

But still aren’t able to get rid of fat/weight and you simply feel that all your efforts is getting waste. If so, then you should consider the alternative treatment for such non-responsive fat deposits i.e., liposuction.

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery, which helps the overweight people to get in shape. Let me tell you, liposuction even being a surgery treatment it has a lot of benefits in itself like:

  1. One can get results instantly
  2. Low cost
  3. Risk free
  4. Painless surgery
  5. Easily performed on anyone and at any body part, etc.

There are many techniques available for liposuction treatment. One such technique is Tumescent liposuction, this technique is used if you have a very high obesity and in this technique the fat is being removed with the help of a cannula, it is one of the easiest procedure and it is also known as traditional method of liposuction treatment.


 An individual who is in good health status i.e., is not a victim of diabetes, thyroid, heart problem etc is a good candidate for liposuction treatment. In India, you will find many experienced surgeons in different cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc.

The experienced plastic surgeons provide liposuction treatment in India, and they are highly experienced and help their patients in achieving their desired results.


There are many cities in India that provide liposuction treatment at an economical cost and at the same time they provide the treatment with high-class facilities. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. are very-well known for various medical treatments.

In Delhi, you will find surgeons that pursue plastic surgery treatments and the only mission they have is of serving their clients the best and provide the treatment with utmost care and ease. If you are a person who wishes to contour their body fast then liposuction treatment in Delhi is the best destination for you because here you will find many experienced surgeons who will provide this treatment and will help you in achieving the desired body shape that you are dreaming of.


It is a surgical as well as non-surgical procedure for the removal of fat deposits. the surgical procedure of liposuction technique is known as Tumescent liposuction, in this technique you will be first injected with the large amount of saline into the fatty area that is to be treated. This saline helps the tissues to become firm and that allows the surgeon to remove fat more precisely. Then the small tube called cannula is being attached to the vacuum machine and then that small tube is being injected under your skin. And the small tube instrument is gently put under the skin while the cannula will suction away the unwanted fat deposits.

Tumescent liposuction allows the surgeon to remove the excess layer of fat deposits at a time and enhances the result.

With the help of the research, we have found that the liposuction treatment has a lot of potential in treating the people who want to get rid of the stubborn fat deposits.

Liposuction procedure might be performed in the surgeon’s clinic itself or an operation room will be booked. And the patient can also return home the same day after the procedure, but this depends upon various parameters and that your surgeon will decide. After your surgery procedure is completed, you have to wear a compressed garment which will help the surgery area to be in place and it will also help in reducing the swelling. You have to wear this garment for several weeks after the surgery.

In the initial days, after surgery, the patient will find swelling in the treated area but this swelling will be eliminated within a month. One can more easily recover after this treatment if they start exercising after few weeks of the surgery.


The surgeon will initially discuss about the outcome of your treatment and the methods that will help the patient to get recovered and maintain their body after the surgery. However, the patient tends to note the following listed differences in their body after the surgery:

  • A patient can start going to work after a week from the day the surgery is being completed
  • One will find the incision fluid draining out of the treated area after the 24 hours of the surgery
  • In a week, the stiches will also be removed
  • A patient will also find swelling and that will last for a minimum of few weeks.
  • The slight improvement in the body shape will be seen after the surgery is completed


 The cost of liposuction ranges between $450 to $4000 in India, depending upon the area from which fat is to be removed.


Liposuction is a part of cosmetic surgery which helps the person to remove fats that are resistant to fats and diets. This treatment can be done in many part of the bodies like hips, buttocks, chin, neck, abdomen etc. and liposuction is the treatment which will contour one’s body and it will not help you in losing the fat significantly reduce weight.